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We are now able to accept international students with a valid F-1 Visa.  To obtain an F-1 Visa, a student must apply at their local US Embassy with proof of acceptance provided to the student by the School of Revival.  Costs vary depending on the country in which the student applies.  Application deadline for international students is 1 month prior to the start of the semester.  Due to the time required to obtain a VISA, we advise all interested applicants to apply as soon as possible and provide yourself with enough time to obtain your VISA prior to the start of the semester.  Depending on your country of origin, this process can take a minimum of 4 weeks and even up to several months. 

Make sure to download our 'F1 VISA PROCESS' document under our NEXT STEPS tab for a step-by-step guide to applying for your F1 visa.


Please remember to have your valid passport, your I-20 form as well as any supporting documents ready to show to the U.S. Immigration Officer when entering the United States. It is best to keep all these items in your carry-on luggage or your briefcase. The same applies for any dependents traveling with you.

In order for you to be prepared for various circumstances and situations, we have found that the following papers are required and helpful for international visitors to the USA. We encourage you to get these papers ready before you leave your home country.

Financial status from your bank (needed to get an apartment)

Birth Certificate or certified copy

Driving Records / Insurance Records

Health Insurance papers, insurance card, insurance policy, etc.

Prescriptions for any medicine you may take

Medical care can be very expensive, so we recommend you have good health insurance coverage already in place before traveling, in the case of an accidental or emergency medical need. While a medical policy is not mandatory here in the US, many hospitals and physicians may not provide patient care without evidence of a policy. For more information about a health insurance plan for international students.

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