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Father Heart($49)

Colossians 3:10 says "Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him."
In the Father Heart class we will discover the Father all over again, learn His heart, His ways, and His thoughts about how we can live in our new nature.
Along the way we will crucify our inner Pharisees, grow in love, see ourselves and others how the Father sees us, and be transformed in our inner person.
We have a new nature, and when we put that on, we become increasingly like Him.  

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Did you learn to love? 
This life is an internship for eternity with one point - we must learn to love like Jesus until we become like Love Himself (John 17). All we get to take with us home to heaven is relationship — with The Father and each other.  Each week, The Chalmers will tag team 20 minutes of practical teaching with live question and answers for you to interact. Then, the teaching is followed by very personal and practical live interviews from stories and keys from global mothers and fathers in the faith. Learn parenting from Bill and Beni Johnson, forgiveness from Paul Young, marriage with Lori and Barry Byrnes, the Father’s love with Heidi Baker, breaking generational curses with The Kylstra's, how to fight well while protecting connection with Danny and Sherry Silk and how to do family on missions with Duncan and Kate Smith, Murray and Ash Smith and JT & Cathy Mlinarck.

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This class is for lovers of Jesus, worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, and creatives. We live to encounter the heart of the Father until we become that encounter. This class will connect you with both deeper realms of intimacy and authority, practical keys and spiritual truths, as well as a panel of guest worship leaders to give us secrets from their own personal secret place. It is time for you to be set on fire for the world to watch you burn. Join Chris and Summer Shealy for an eight-week journey into the heart of God.

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The Bible records several times where Jesus admonished believers to ‘Watch and Pray’ in regards to unfolding end time (eschatological) events. ‘Watching' involves anointed observation and understanding of global occurrences in light of the Word of God. ‘Prayer’ means partnering with the Lord in His purposes on earth including the ultimate cry of the Spirit and the Bride to Jesus of, “Come” (Rev. 22:17). There are 150 Biblical chapters that speak in detail of the days approaching known as ’the end of the age’. It behooves us to study and understand these scriptures knowing they are there to help prepare the church who, in turn, can speak truth to those grappling to understand today’s news in light of Biblical prophecy. After studying the Scriptures pertaining to eschatology for many years, John and Patricia Bootsma will teach this course with special guest sessions with Benji Nunez, and Gabrielle Bootsma-Nunez from IHOPKC.

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