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Heart Of The Father

Discovering His love and how it changes everything

In this class you will be introduced to the love of the Father. Through vulnerable teachings and heartfelt personal revelations, you will learn what it means to live in sincere joy. 

In this course you will learn:

  • The difference between the orphan heart and the heart of sonship
  • How identity launches us into mission
  • Discovering spiritual obstacles 
  • Understanding our biblical identity as sons or daughters
  • Revealing ungodly beliefs 
  • The power of Forgiveness
  • Dismantling the spirit of fear
  • Practical tools to live supernaturally 

Identity In Christ

Exploring Christ, the Cross and our glorious redemption

Exploring Christ, the Cross and our glorious redemption. Our true identity lies in Christ. His sacrifice completely joins us to Him. This course will examine Jesus' death and resurrection through the understanding of our unity with Him. As we clothe ourselves in Christ's finished work, we will find ourselves to be secure and empowered sons and daughters.

Passion For The One

Impacting our city one person at a time

Our community hungers for relationship.  Outreach: Passion for the One will actively inspire a vision to demonstrate and share God's passionate love for all people and will provide opportunities for hands on outreach and experience and supernatural ministry both in Raleigh, Durham and abroad.

Prophetic Revelation

Unlocking your ability to see and hear in the Spirit

Interacting with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit is key to releasing revival into our world and discipling nations. Prophetic Revelation will include an in depth study of the ways God speaks, the DNA of prophetic culture, filters, eschatology and views of God that affect prophesying. Other fun topics include dream interpretation, seasons and the Issachar anointing, feelers, seers, practical prophetic and growing up in God, and more. The first half of each class session will be instruction and the second half will be activation and practice. Come ready to grow in your gifting and gain confidence to release words from Heaven.  

Thriving in Revival

Maintaining the rhythm of joy and quiet modeled by Jesus

Thriving in Revival is designed for students, parents, business and ministry leaders of all ages hungry to experience joyful transformation through an in-depth process of learning and practicing relational brain skills for maintaining the rhythm of joy and quiet modeled by Jesus. 

Living out this Immanuel lifestyle fosters a secure attachment to our heavenly Father that sustains us in personal revival and creates genuine belonging in a safe, multigenerational community. 

Thriving in joyful relationship with God and others in the context of multigenerational community is key to growing in maturity and fruitfulness and being willing to lay our life down for a friend.

Church History and Revival

How God has been transforming our world over the last 2000 years through men and women just like you

In church history we will enter the dialog God has been having with the Church over the last 2000 years. We will glean insight from all our brothers and sisters that went before us in order to understand the rich theological foundation they laid for us. We will also explore various revivals and moves of the Spirit and how they have impacted the Church and the world throughout history.

Passion For The City

We will learn how to understand and comprehend the history and destiny of your city, region, or subculture from a biblical and practical perspective.  You will learn to bring the Kingdom of God to it, so that lasting change and transformation can take place.  It also involves a practical component of bringing the Gospel to the city of Raleigh/Durham through prayer, feeding those in need, and sharing the love of Jesus to the people of Raleigh.

Heart Like Jesus

Exchanging our hurts for His incredible freedom

Exchanging our hurts for His incredible freedom.God desires to heal life's hurts and restore relationship with Him, as well as others. As we fix our eyes on Jesus, our hearts become more like His, a heart of forgiveness, humility, free of afflictions. This course will provide the tools to involve a loving God in the restoration of our Spirits, by unity with His. Combining scripture, prayer, solid theology as well as cutting edge brain science and years of pastoral counseling experience this class will help give you the tools you need to experience the joy centered life you were intended to live. 

Holy Spirit-uality

Growing in emotional and spiritual maturity through the Spirit

Growing in emotional and spiritual maturity through the Spirit. This class is dedicated to experiencing the person and work of the Holy Spirit. A better understanding of the Person who lives in us will lead to personal transformation and a greater friendship with Him. Having a better understanding of the power that is at work in us brings us to a greater understanding of how to operate in the gifts He makes available to us.

Leadership Dynamics

Expanding your competence, gifting and empowerment to lead yourself and others

Leadership is about influence; influence over a group of people or an organization no matter how large or small. However, leadership needs to start with you. This class delves into personal and group dynamics. Personal dynamics are necessary because if you are unable to lead yourself you will never be able to effectively lead others. We will be studying the life and leadership of Jesus to learn how to be the leader's God has called us to be. Then we will study group dynamics to learn how to effectively lead others.

Grasping God's Word

Establishing a love for reading, interpretation and understanding the Bible.

In this class, you will receive the resources you as a leader need today for reading and interpreting God's Word. These tools will open up the scriptures not only for daily devotions, but also for sermon and small group preparation. This is a practical, hands on class- full of discussion, study, and lecture

Releasing God's Word

God is developing a message within you for this generation, its time to set the captives free through your voice 

God is developing a message within you for this generation, it's time to set the captives free through your voice. Have you ever wondered, "How do I communicate with others what God is revealing to me?” Preaching class is a safe place to discover and develop your unique voice in order to release the message God is giving you for this generation.

Pastoral Studies

How to pastor the world in which we live just like Jesus

Navigating through the murky waters of right and wrong is easier said than done. Leaders today need the ability to relevantly approach the culture in which they live. We will lay the framework for understanding God's compass of Biblical morality on various cultural issues in order to lead this generation into the Kingdom of God here on earth. 

Starting from the discovery that God is pastoring YOU as a leader, we then look at the biblical model of how God pastors all His people in order for us to better partner with Him in leading them too. 

From leadership development to how to perform a baptism or wedding ceremony, this is a highly practical class, full of group discussion

Leading in Your Culture

Gods leadership design, desire and mission for the world you live in

God’s leadership design, desire and mission for the world you live in. Our world is ever changing. This class dives in to and explores the concepts of what it looks like to influence and lead in our culture. We need to change the way we lead depending on the culture and environment around us. If we know how to lead ourselves and lead others, but don't know where we are leading them to, we will fail. We will study how the Gospel turned the world upside down, how it spread and what God is doing in our day and age.

Kingdom Studies

What does it look like to be living out a Kingdom lifestyle? Kingdom studies will walk you through teachings and impartations about how to walk out a Godly Kingdom mindset. The class will consist of impartation from teachers, guest speakers, group discussions and small-group sharing activities.  

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