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Your tuition covers all five of your weekly classes each semester, as well as grants you access to many of the conferences and events held at Catch the Fire Raleigh.


                      Tuition                 Due Date

Early Bird    $4,000(Annual)    Aug 22

Full              $4,500(Annual)    Sept 3 (first day of class)

Semester    $4,750(Annual)    Sept 3 ($2,375) & Jan 6 ($2,375)

Monthly       $5,000(Annual)    1st of the month ($200 enrollment fee & $600 for 8 months)   

*We are offering $450 credit towards your tuition for referring a newly enrolled full time student. *New student and current student both get $450 credit.

Extended Outreach
In May we take teams of School of Revival students all over the world for a 10 day outreach trip. The all-inclusive cost for this trip is $1500. Locations in the past have included Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Peru, the Amazon region in Brazil, Romania, Mexico, and Costa Rica. All students are requested to attend an Outreach during their first year in the School of Revival. Second year students are welcome to attend an additional outreach if they so choose. Students transferring directly into our second year from other SOM schools are required to attend an Outreach during their second year. The Outreach component is required for graduation. 

Books/School Supplies
Students will be responsible for the purchasing of any books, notebooks, or other school supplies that will be required during their time at the School of Revival. Books will be assigned at the beginning of each semester by the class instructors. We also recommend every student have a computer with them in order to access email and complete assignments.

School of Revival

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